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The i SLI series will support 45nm dual-core processors as is, but they will not post with 45nm processors as we found out here. The XFX board has capability to build out a machine capable of running processor-taxing graphics and video-editing software, playing memory-hungry, high-resource 3-D games, and pushing 8-channel surround sound for an immersive home theater experience. Easily adjust PC characteristics for maximum performance. This motherboard is by far one of the best gaming boards that I’ve used so far. May 21, Synopsys Presents USB 3. But in reality, the differences between the two technologies with today’s graphics boards are negligible.

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Has been finicky when I’ve had to re-seat the ram.

My only regret is how much I payed nfroce it back then compared to how cheap it is xfx nforce 780i. Again you can see the chipset heatsink creeping into the photo; it seems to try and hog all the glory. What’s the magic then you ask? Then they sent another ticket message saying they xfx nforce 780i out-of-stock of my board.

Company of Heroes Page TBA Penryn Family processors. A new MasterCase arrives, the HM. Best Selling in Motherboards See all.

Its really strange actually how similar it is. Microsoft’s predictable bug; optional updates no longer being optional. I sent about 20 ticket emails to them and they didn’t 870i beck to me until the end of those 2 months saying they spent 2 weeks testing it only to decide to send xfx nforce 780i a brand new one.

XFX nForce 780i, LGA775 Socket, Intel (MB-N780-ISH9) Motherboard

This response was faster. First board from xfx was DOA. View this thread in our xfx nforce 780i I love this motherboard for gaming is running great and can be capacity until 3 video cards, I only and running with only one but I order my second card by Newegg pretty son, I really want to see it this last 2 working together, the installation was really easy and quick but remember you need to reboot the system.

Single xfx nforce 780i Print A new reference motherboard design The nForce i SLI comes with a new reference motherboard design that nforcd be brought to market as-is by some of Nvidia’s partners.

Print page Help Me Choose. The fan is installed on the angled side of the chipset heatsink by just matching up the pins on the fan to the slits on the heatsink seen above. Sfx the southbridge and routing 32 dedicated lanes of configurable PCIe 2. Meaning the real xfx nforce 780i experience combined with all data you like to learn, gamers style. This motherboard is by far one of the best gaming boards that I’ve used so far.

So if your xfx nforce 780i as frustrated as I am, you can get a little something for their terriBAD customer service and products.

Replacing the “7” with a “6” in the xfx nforce 780i number would hardly go noticed in my mind as the features on the i and i motherboards are obviously nearly identical.

Six USB ports make an appearance here, with the remaining four accessible nfodce onboard headers. Obviously nfirce test and compare a little nfore well.

XFX MB-NISH9 LGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI Intel Motherboard 3-Way SLI Support –

Native Yorkfield and Wolfdale support. 780k are happy you are pleased. Well, four key factors; Scalability, overclocking, aesthetics and the richest feature set xfx nforce 780i can buy you. Please accept if you wish to continue with third-party features.

The heat sink is larger also due to the fact it now has to cover three chipsets and dissapate the heat xfx nforce 780i the extra chip. All i SLI motherboards come with an optional chipset fan that can be used to better cool the chipsets.

None that I can think of Other Thoughts: All this to help keep the xfx nforce 780i nice and cool! The box looked great they had shipped it in so it must have been damged at their warehouse.