The phone number is “. I don’t know if this will mess anything up, I just know this worked on my compaq presario windows xp that is all I know. Hold the camera steady, and press the shutter button. On 12 Sep 07 and on 13 Jan 08 Unzip the file. I just bought a vivitar mini digital camera.

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The camera works fine now.

Scott Sun, 16 Dec But I had to place an additional twist on the vivitar dual mode digital camera process. They need to provide instructions for installing with the “VH-XP.

And then I got a warning I’d never seen before, that a USB hub device was using too much current and would be disconnected.

I was assuming that my software wouldn’t load because I’m on a Mac. Well, Like others, I’m getting the ‘cannot connect to camera’ I’ve tried several of digitak suggestions and still no success. Applies to Vivitar Mini Digital Camera see list below for other names. Pamela Wed, 29 Aug I downloaded all the files I found on 2 or 3 forums, including this one.

This is an indoor pic, no vivitar dual mode digital camera lighting just small lamp, of my spider now if only the mode screen worked.

Manual For Vivitar Mini Digital Camera – Software Driver Download

Jane Sat, 02 Aug This hint is available for all to see, for it can make a difference, and a very happy day! Make sure to find the disk in My computer, not the usb! Send Contact moxe US: I was very sceptical. Vivtar example Philips Keychain Digital Camera. He took both numbers from me and called them the support team so in the future people should be able to get through vivitar dual mode digital camera issue I have this camera as well and it works pretty good to me.

Manual For Vivitar Mini Digital Camera

What about useing it with Windows98SE. The guys at Vivitar also told me that they would repsond on this figital with the solution and also were going to put up support information on the Vivitar site For some unknown reason, Win Vivitar dual mode digital camera doesn’t display this particular camera in the device list either.

They could have used the wasted space for more memory.

Maybe that is because the programs serve different purposes. Dialog box states camera not connect altho the system turns the camera on.

Vivitar Mini Digital Camera Free Driver Download

I loaded my drivers first before I plugged in the camera. Vivitar dual mode digital camera just bought a Vivitar, it does not seem to be Vista capable, but when I loaded the drivers first per the directions, before I plugged in the camera to my Windows XP laptop it worked just fine, but as soon as I plugged the camera into the USB port it immmediately read new hardware found, so I used the wizard for installing new drivers and it updated the MR CIF Dual Mode Camera drivers right off of the internet.

When you install the driver, you then have to plug the camera rual and allow the driver to be installed again.

I also learned that the AAA battery is used up very quickly. I would recommend anyone that is attemting to sale or give you one be beaten to death with the PC!!!

I finally just held on until a receptionist answered the phone – I gave her my name, phone number and email Juan Pavajeau Sat, 27 Oct File attachment is optional. Use a VGA connection to stream live images directly to your projector or monitor, or.

This photo was taken indoors with light coming thru south window. However, a friend also bought one and his worked fine.