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Call me old-fashioned I guess. It’s safe to say that the CB4 is going to be 20 yards longer than my pitching wedge, but could it really be 20 yards longer than other 3 woods? Like most golfers I started with the textbook 3, 5 combo. While we expect that more forgiving, and potentially straighter, fairway woods exist, if you’re still carrying one, and you have even a modicum of confidence in your ability to hit one, on performance alone, the TourEdge Exotics CB4 is dangerously close to being a must bag club. The cc head is 10 percent deeper than the Exotics CB3 Tour, which helps create less spin and a more penetrating flight, and has 2-degree-open face angle.

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When you catch a fairway just so, it’s incredible. Everyone simply told me they really like it.

TourEdge CB4 Fairway Woods – Review!

Having said that, based purely on the subjective “stuff” there’s absolutely nothing about the TourEdge Exotics CB4 that isn’t worthy of an overall A grade. Sign me up for the newsletter. Experience what the best players in tlur world already know — Exotics fairway woods are the longest fairway woods in golf.

Just played my 3rd round with my new tour edge cb4 3wood and I love it! Even those golfers who’ve never hit a TourEdge fairway probably have a friend who bags tour edge cb4, and is often the case, that friend is always happy to tell you how wonderful his TourEdge is. We know that when presented with two golf clubs, if the other isn’t an absolutely beast, most golfers are always going to buy the prettier one. Available in men’s and women’s right hand.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. With these CB4 tour edge cb4 edge has gone back to the original design-and thank goodness.

The head is compact with dege depth shallow enough to hit comfortably off the fairway, yet tall enough to confidently hit off the tee. Paramount to the CB4 is its cup-face technology which has been advanced with the design of the Boomerang face.

The data suggests that on tour edge cb4 testers best of swings, those tour edge cb4 are probably correct, some testers achieved distances they don’t normally reach with drivers we test! All-new titanium head wdge.

Usually, you need to put more weight in the head to compensate, that why I would like if clubmaker put a weightscreew in their head, so we can change the tour edge cb4 for an heavier and reestablish the swingweight of the club. Over the years I’ve encountered more than a handful of guys whose bags are made up of a tour edge cb4 of TaylorMade, Callaway and other big OEM clubs surrounding a single TourEdge fairway. Both shafts are “Made for” variants.

During our tests not a single golfer came close to besting the only other fairway wood we’ve tested at the time of publicationwell at least not by 20 yards. While I would tell you that I think the Exotics CB4 feels a little dead on mis-hits, I’m also inclined to agree with our testers that it feels nothing less than exceptional on solidly struck balls.

Even if the CB4 looks like an absolute amazing club, I believe tour edge cb4 would be a better fairway wood if Tour Edge had add a weight screew in its body to let client customerized their fairway wood. TourEdge probably isn’t what most golfers would consider an industry giant, so as I often am, I was curious to see what our testers would think of a club from slightly outside the mainstream.

Too long, inconsistent, weak shaft… name it! As I said, I don’t carry a fairway wood anymore, and it’s extremely difficult to envision a scenario under which I would go back, but IF the need ever arises vb4, the CB4 will be the first club that comes to tour edge cb4.

From Golf Magazine September, Exotics clubs by Tour Edge enjoy a cultlike following among in-the-know equipment junkies. tour edge cb4

Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Driver

Unlike most club designs on the market today that emphasize a low center of gravity, the CB4 has a higher-than-average center of gravity to help reduce spin. Despite tour edge cb4 consideration, the club performed extremely well in the hands of golfers of varied ability levels.

Brian Cass 6 years ago. And yes this is a fairway wood NOT tour edge cb4 driver.

Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Driver, reviews, results |

Sole graphics are perhaps a bit more than is necessary, but not nearly enough eedge override the impact of small details like a sliver and black ringed ferrule tour edge cb4 black Aldila RIP shape merits of the “made for Not bad for a no-contract club…. Other testers were in the low 90s range, which is quite frankly, what we expect from a fairway wood, and certainly tour edge cb4 why fewer and fewer golfers are keeping them in their bags.

There’s little doubt that better players and, in particular, faster swingers should benefit from this design.

Lengths listed are men’s standard. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? Arccos Releases Significantly Improved Caddie 2. Jimgolf 6 years ago.