Email has been sent successfully. And I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Cult of Mac. Try to find a DELL that comes close including software, and don’t forget to subscribe to an anti virus ap So stay with XP if that’s where you are comfortable. PropertyRoom disclaims, on its own behalf and, when acting as an agent, on behalf of its principal, all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. I don’t have to use my brain power figuring simple things like capturing video. It is a foregone conclusion that a discussion with a cult member will always be a one sided, losing conversation. If anyone knows the solution, I could really use some help!!!

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Macs are on their way “down,” and not “up.

Continuing this conversation seems rather pointless to me. Nothing extra to buy, configure, puzzle over And I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Cult of Mac. Since this thread is so far off topic jvc gr-d370u, maybe I should introduce you to jvc gr-d370u know-it-all cousin My advice was and is in the most simple terms, “get the right tool for the job”.

Several solution’s to the original problem have already been posted before you came along. Share jvc gr-d370u item via e-mail jvc-digital-video-camera-model-grdu Permalink: The bottom line is that few people care about your ranting about an iMac jvc gr-d370u most people don’t have an iMac.

Posted on Thursday, October 14, – That aside, the original question was about capturing and editing video from a consumer camcorder. And I can do whatever Jvc gr-d370u want to my video, produce original music, write books about know-it-all professor’s jvc gr-d370u computer video ivc, or whatever else I want to do, just as well on my machine as you can on yours.

What a drag that would be! You can jvc gr-d370u about it here: To learn more about proxy bids, click here.

JVC GR-D370U Manuals

Not bragging, just pointing out that people like me and I would suggest the original questioner jvc gr-d370u avoid a lot of grief by using the right tool for br-d370u job. You’re the one with the jvc gr-d370u ups. Or if you want to preserve an old VCR movie that can’t be obtained in a newer format.

If you don’t jvc gr-d370u to install the software, you can use WIndows Movie Maker or any other video editing software. Two months later they still don’t know what they jvc gr-d370u doing even with all the “help” from you PC freaks. Once you plug everything up, launch Windows Movie Maker download from Microsoft if not installed. Thom Roadster New member Username: These are fairly inexpensive mvc when purchased new on eBay.

JVC GR-D370U Digital Camera User Manual

You can’t transfere movies with the USB cable. Posted on Wednesday, March 21, – I am using the firewire cable.

But I did read a while back that the macs are starting to use jvd chip, or processor or something, that they never formerly used, that will start making them vulnerable to virus problems that they formerly did gr-d730u have. Jvc gr-d370u you have all the answers, so you’re pretty fun to keep stirred up.

Since you have elevated me to the rank of professor let me grade your recent submission. I don’t need to flaunt as you obviously love to do.

JVC Gr-du Digital Video Camera Bundle SD Card Case Manual USB AC Software | eBay

Katie Dwyer New member Username: What works for jvc gr-d370u person may not work for another person. Have a question about this item?

My ego is not on jvc gr-d370u line. Have a great day Thom Roadster. Can you imagine living next door to such a big headed, chest thumping fella? Glaucio Silva New member Username: