Some tools are available: Open a terminal like konsole and login as root. You have to restart the mixer you use, so start as user kmix or gmix, depending on what windowmanager you use. Note that this list is ordered on modules and codec chips. The easiest way is to type:.

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HOWTO: Resolve Problems with HDA-Intel Sound Cards

Can be changed by writing to this file. Many codec-drivers provide the automatic configuration mechanism based on hda intel linux BIOS setup. When BIOS reports the available codec slots wrongly, the driver gets confused and tries to access the non-existing codec slot. For debug-tools such as hda-verb and hda-analyzer, the hwdep device has to be enabled. Of course it also means you have more control of your system. Links More Notes on HD-Audio Driver by Takashi Iwai – excellent document that explains many issues with the snd-hda-intel driver written by one of the module’s authors.

If you get a problem of repeated sounds, this option might help. February 2nd, 7. For details and our forum data hda intel linux, retention and privacy policy, see here.


Usually you have one audio codec and optionally one modem codec. Follow this hyperlink to section “Increasing very low microphone input” to see how to do it https: In the following we assume that the latest version is hda intel linux. Thus, if you hear noises, suspect first the power-saving.

However, the real path name hda intel linux on the system. The symptom appears usually as error messages like: Since the HD-audio controllers are supposed to be compatible, the single snd-hda-driver should work in most cases.

In general, you should try a headphone output at first. You can know the codec vendor, product id and names, the type of each hda intel linux, capabilities and so on.

Note that this list is ordered on modules and codec chips. All mixer channels are muted by default.

SDB:Intel-HDA sound problems – openSUSE

The following runs perfectly after a reboot. Most likely you are accessing a non-existing codec slot. The codec proc-file is a treasure-chest for debugging HD-audio.

Whilst trying to get the names of the hda intel linux for the hda intel linux line, I found that, although alsa-utils is installed, alsamixer and amixer fail with, roy quietpc: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The program is included in alsa-tools now: Ditto for the speaker output. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

It is possible to generate a test tone in the YAST sound config for this jack. I guess the speakers are not powerful enough to handle more than that. Some tools are available: One can do this hda intel linux alsamixer.

Most of modern laptops have no analog CD-input connection. The generic parser supports hda intel linux following hda intel linux Dha provides a single driver for all controllers, snd-hda-intel. For drivers older than 0. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.