By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. This User’s Guide describes the overview and usage of functions available by registering an optional license kit to this machine, and functions available by connecting it to an application. Item Description [Color] Specify whether to print originals in color or black-and-white. Icon Name Description Back Brings you back to the previous page. Select an icon you want to delete. Printouts that are becoming weaker are a sign for empty toner cartridges.

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Page 75 Registering a photo in the address book Select [Register Photo]. Conventions used in this manual Reference This symbol indicates a reference.


Enter colpr from picture: Page 41 Printing, displaying, or saving a document file Reference If you attempt to print d color mf220 coolor file that takes up a large amount of memory, a scan error may occur and d color mf220 will be disabled. Configuring settings to enable use of the Web browser 4.

Reference For details on the [Application Menu], refer to page The administrator can assign a different function to this key. Worn drums manifest themselves with streaks or spots on the printout.

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Index by button If this box is full, it must be exchanged. Table Of Contents 4. In Main Menu, 12 types of shortcut keys can be registered.

Set to [OFF] for list display. Page – Using My Address Book when sending a doc Reference If you have scanned multiple documents, the print setting function will not be available. A list of d color mf220 one-touch destinations appears.

The d color mf220 value of [Finishing] varies depending on which options are m2f20. Using My Address Book when sending a document Olivetti toner cartridge yellow B, 27B Overview of each function 2.

Key symbols Key names on the touch panel or computer screen, or a d color mf220 of user’s guide are indicated by these brackets. The toolbar on the top of the screen allows you to enlarge, reduce, print, or save the PDF file. MFP, and other communicated contents.

When the My Address function is available, you can add photo data to d color mf220 destinations in My Address Book. Reference If you have selected multiple documents, the document setting function is not available.

Check the document d color mf220 to be deleted, and then press [OK]. Then the document file is saved in the User Box. Select the check box for the document to be printed, and then press [Print Setting].

Reference Colr you have not specified to perform User Authentication or Account D color mf220, the screen displayed when you logged in as a public user appears. The page specified as the home is displayed.

Olivetti B0853, Colour Drum Unit, D-COLOR MF220- Original

Item Description [Thumbnail View] Specify whether to d color mf220 the thumbnail images of the document. Customizing the application keys 1 and 2 Select a function to be assigned. Table Of Contents 6.

Selecting a favorite allows you to access the corresponding URL. Page – Copying destinations from My Address Boo